sobota, 7 września 2013

Zeiselmauer and Tulln


Zeiselmauer and one of the favorite objects to photograph.

Cannabiaca, late Roman fortress (Burgus) at the north-western corner of the Roman camp.

Late Roman box-shaped gate replacing the previous eastern camp gate (Porta Principalis Dextra).

North-eastern corner tower of the Roman camp.

North-eastern corner tower - architectural details.

Information board and sunflower.

Tulln and show fountains.

Roman tower, completely intact tower of a Roman fort Commagenis (Tulln).

U-tower, architectural details, one of the doors and window.

The Roman Emperor and Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus. “For the memory of the Roman history of the city of Tulln Roman cavalry camp legion Comagena (…)”

These benches are in Tulln near Roman Museum.

And again, the fountains of Tulln.

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