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The Amber Route on foot, Joanna Kulpińska, 2007-09-25 Mirosława Stroińska is continuing her hike along the route based on a scientific publication. Last year, as the first woman from Poland, and also Europe, she covered on foot the 1,020-km section of the historical Amber Route from Prague, Czech Republic, to the Baltic Coast. The principle behind the venture is for it to be a walking expedition only. (...)

The Sunny Workshops: Amber Day 2007, Joanna Kulpińska, 2007-09-25
The amber cockerel ruled over the Gdańsk Coal Market [Targ Węglowy] on July 28. The visitors gathered there took part in the Sunny Workshops of Amber Day. All this in honour of St Dominic’s Fair. It all began with the Amber Cockerel of St Dominic’s Fair.
The event, under the auspices of Mayor of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz, was staged by a team of amber jewellers: Aleksander Gliwiński, Mariusz Gliwiński, Anna Nowińska, Dorota Kos and Janusz Wosik. They were supported by Dr Elżbieta Sontag, Ewa Rachoń and Alicja Wiśniewska. The event was watched over by Mariusz Drapikowski. Before the participants began their work on the Cockerel, Mirosława Stroińska had her send-off ceremony for the next stage of the Amber Route.
Afterwards all those gathered in the Coal Market, including Ewa Rachoń, Paulina Binek, Robert Pytlos, Dorota Kos, Mariusz Drapikowski, glued amber pieces onto the body of a cockerel designed by Marzena Niećko. The participants used 10 kg of amber. Despite the efforts of all those involved, the amber bird was not completed. We are continuing this work now, during Ambermart 2007. But the Amber Cockerel was not the only attraction of this year’s Amber Day. Considerable interest was raised by the open workshops and a competition for a jewellery design with a sun image: The Little Amber Sun. Artist Gertruda Wilczopolska was in command here. Lidia Morawska, who made the best sun, was the winner. She received a small amber cockerel for a prize, presented to her by Mariusz Drapikowski. For every woman, and not only, there was a chance to leave the Coal Market with amber jewellery they made themselves. The “Jewellery workshop: amber and ...” had renowned artists help the participants design and make jewels with the Gold of the Baltic. Amber is also associated with fashion. Aleksander Gliwiński presented the latest trends in amber design. Together with Agnieszka Gruszka he created the “Can you imagine?” show, which premièred at the Amberif 2007 Amber and Fashion Gala. Sharp, expressive cuts, purple, brown and green, wool, organza, tulle. All this in the company of the most beautiful Polish export commodity: amber. During the entire day, the “Baltic Amber Inclusions” exhibition of the collection of the Museum of Amber Inclusions organised by Dr Elżbieta Sontag was on display.
As each year, there were historical features as well: archaic techniques of amber working presented by Eryk Popkiewicz and coin minting in the mediaeval way by Narcyz Kalski.Aleksander Gliwiński and Agnieszka Gruszka As we can see, the organisers: the International Amber Association and the Gdańsk International Fair Co., saw to it that no one got bored this year either in the Coal Market of Gdańsk.
Joanna Filipowicz, photo: Polish Jewellery Studio

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