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Sankt Pölten and Traismauer

Aelium Cetium in the Stadtmuseum Sankt Pölten

The pottery from the second half of the 3rd century, found during archaeological works near the City Hall Square. The depot of the tradesman contained at least 250 vessels, half of which was terra sigillata tableware, from the latest production series.
A chariot was manned by a a driver and a warrior. When the warrior jumped out of the vehicle to fight, the driver was waiting ready to retreat.
The Celtic linch pin, made of iron and bronze (decoration) which stopped the wheel on the chariot axle (La Tène culture).

On the Rathausgasse street in Sankt Pölten. Was there Spider-Man here?


The Roman gate "Römertor" in Traismauer is one of the oldest buildings in Austria. The horseshoe-shaped defense towers have about 1700 years. Later, housed the guardrooms for the gate- and night watchmen.

The porta principalis dextra of the Roman cavalry fort Augustianis.

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