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2009-03-30, Everything about amber in Poznań's archaeology museum
There were many attractions for the participants of the "Weekend with amber": lectures about amber, a photographic exhibition and a short subject film. The event took place in Poznań's Archaeology Museum on March 28. Anna Majchrzycka, from the Archaeology Museum, informed that the event was inaugurated by a photographic exhibition by Mirosława Stroińska called "In the traces of the amber route". The photos were taken during a foot journey on the Czech-Northern Austrian section of the amber route. The lectures concerned the history of amber. Prof. Janusz Czebreszuk spok of the role of amber in culture, its secrets were uncovered by Dr Joanna Jaworska. Leszek Ziąbka spoke about the world of the Celts and the guardsmen who looked after the trade routes, whereas Angelika Barłóg presented the cosmetic and healthcare values of the "northern gold" - informed Majchrzycka. The visitors also got to see the short subject film "Połów bursztynu" (Amber catching), that was commentated by Eryk Popkiewicz. EKR PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland, tr. ajb agt/ bsz

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